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“Business to Nationhood
- that is our Why!”


What if …

What if Africa was rising?

What if our grandchildren could be born on this African soil as citizens of Africa full of opportunities, education and a great health infrastructure? Hope only requires a drop and that ripples and rises, floating from one person to a family, to a community …from one leader, to a business, to an economy and a continent – a ripple of change. At the People Shop we are inspiring and developing a global family of holistic, socially conscious, emotionally intelligent leaders and teams.

People Shop tackles Africa’s People problem by reinventing Africa’s People

The ripple effect

It is said the average person touches 80 000 lives. Conservatively 1 000 pledges are a million lives impacted. If those interactions became meaningful interactions, that energy in motion could activate a human revolution of change and hope. I and many others have pledged to contribute to that change.

Let’s raise business people up in Africa and give them a platform, making this continent the world leader in business talent. Let’s change the world through Africa – raise Corporate and social consciousness by forging and nurturing raw talent and through excellence enhance Africa through its people …and the world through Africa.

I believe in People and I believe African. We are committed to facilitating the transformation of our people and its businesses, one person, one career, one leader, one team at a time. It starts with one – are you ready to join the change, lead the change and be the change and inspire greatness?


Chantal Kading – Founder and Managing Director


Chantal Kading – Founder and Managing Director


Our goal is to reach a 1000 pledges

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“Business to Nationhood - that is our Why!”

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